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    Standard Time

    Post by Demiurge on Sun Apr 19, 2015 11:48 pm

    Standard Time Continuity is the name we give to our time management system. The idea behind it is to enable characters, and therefore the players behind them, to participate in more than one thread at the time, thus giving a greater degree of freedom in the game and preventing a slowing of your role-playing experience. Provided each Standard Time Declaration (STD), the literal date labelled on each thread, can be coherently organised into a chronological order within your character's timeline within the profile so that everything makes sense you are good to go.

    The STD should be displayed in the first post of every thread so that to ease the access to this crucial bit of information.

    Example 1: Standard Time: 26th of February, 2552

    Example 2: Standard Time: Late Evening, 26th of February, 2552

    Example 3: Standard Time: 23:12, 26th February, 2552

    The Standard Time in "A Tale of Capricorn" is essentially the Gregorian Calendar of Old Earth with its year divided in 365 days which are then grouped in twelve months, save for the bissextile year of 366 days and, for consistency purposes as well as due to political clout Standard Time is "Terra's Time".

    Standard Time Gap:
    To make sure that no characters are left behind in the flow of time, and to be sure that no one posts too far into the future, at any time there will always be a block of three months that are available to post in. This block of time is called the Standard Time Gap. The Standard Time Gap changes at the end of every real-life month, and will always include three in-character months. When the Gap changes, one in-character month is left in the past and another is made available in the future. For example, if the in-character months are labelled by letters, the first Standard Time Gap would include the months "A, B, C". When the Gap changes, the months available will be "B, C, D", then "C, D, E", etc. New threads and posts in open locations may only be labelled within the current Standard Time Gap.

    The simple rules of Standard Time Continuity:
    1. Your character may not appear in multiple threads that take place at the same Standard Time.
    2. Travel time between separate locations must be accommodated into your character's timeline.
    3. A Standard Time Declaration must be present in the first post of a thread, or in a character's first post in a location thread.
    4. New threads may only take place within the current Standard Time Gap.

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