Major Factions


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    Major Factions

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    There are many factions in "A Tale of Capricorn". From the local crime gang to the immensely powerful corporation not to mention the planetary (or not) governments of the different political entities throughout Known Space the diversity is infinite. This list doesn't intend to be exhaustive and will only account for the most relevant at this time, albeit others might be included as the game progresses. Factions will be divided in three categories according to their typology. Thus we will have the Political Factions which will mostly include the different governments of Humanity, the Corporate Factions which will account for the corporations, companies and Small Factions within which all crime syndicates, minor political groups, terrorist groups, religious organisations and so on are combined.

    Political Factions

    Federal Republic of the United Terran Nations (FRUTN), or United Terran Nations (UTN), colloquially called The Union is the political entity that rules over most of Known Space from Terra. Founded sometime into the 22nd century after the annexation of the eastern member states of the collapsed of United States of America by the European Union, its expansion into Eastern Europe including the western region of the defunct Russian Federation and later expanded and consolidated with the accession of the Republic of South Africa and the Federative Republic of Brazil.

    The Republic of Nashira (RN) is a member State of the FRUTN with full representative rights within the Council of the United Terran Nations.

    People's Republic of China (PRC), commonly called China,

    Republic of Indonesia (RI), normally called Indonesia,

    Jewish Democratic State of Zion (JDSZ), ordinarily called Zion,

    Corporate Factions

    Olympus Heavy Machinery Corporation (OHMC) is the one of main producers of heavy machinery and equipment in the Known Space, building from small gadgets to spaceships and military equipment.

    Nairobi Space Industries (NSI) is the second largest producer of spaceships in the Solar System and a rival to the OHMC in military contracts with the UTN.

    Alicorn Company, known as, is the major producer of Alicorn, an edible vegetable, in Capricorn Prime and major foodstuffs supplier as well as partner in most space exploration missions in the Capricorn Expanse.

    Morgado's Shipping Conglomerate (MSC) is an association of transport and space-shipping minor companies that secures transportation between planets in the Capricorn Expanse and beyond. This business venture bears the name of an infamous Terran entrepreneur who founded the conglomerate by bribing, blackmailing and calloused a number of small transport companies into aggregating under his direction.

    Small Factions

    Insurgents are a common occurrence in many human worlds. Whenever a major dispute ends up with a side losing enough to incite violence an insurgent group emerges. They range from xenophobic nationalists who intend to enforce racial segregation to social libertarians while many are plain separatists who desire their planet's independence from a larger group and exist with more or less intensity throughout all of Known Space.

    Nashira's Separatists
    A group dedicated to the independence of the Nashira System and advocate the free expansion and colonisation of the Capricorn Expanse by what they call the Free State of Nashira. Members of this separatist movement come from both the corporations and the leading members of the new colonies established in the Nashira System. Albeit not being widely supported by the population the separatists still wield a considerable influence thanks to their wealth.

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