Simple Human Cultures Guide


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    Simple Human Cultures Guide

    Post by Demiurge on Thu Apr 02, 2015 5:01 am

    Disclaimer: This list should by no means be restrictive to any possible or imaginable human culture. We encourage the creation of new cultures from our community members thus if you think your character would somehow fit better within a Primitivist culture originating from a remote world where the first settlers decided to throw away with technology in favour of returning to a simpler life as Iron Age farmers you're free to do so, even if getting off such a backwater might be somewhat difficult! The fun is in the challenge!

    All those born in Terra, or Old Earth, are usually named Terrans regardless of their individual nationality, citizenship or political affiliation. As such Terrans are by far and large the most diverse group within Humanity even if they’re usually stereotyped as snobbish, wealthy and bureaucratic, probably an image born out of the Union’s emissaries and officials in the outer worlds. The common language on Terra hence the language of government and trade is, like in most worlds colonised by humanity, English. Still, plenty of other languages are still spoken by people at the local level and even permeate into English as slang or as a hybrid dialect.

    The Terrans' major subcultures, which follow the outlines of the major political entities on 26th century Terra, consist in the Unionists, the Chinese, the Indonesians and the Israeli.

    Considering Mars was the first planet to be colonised and spent a considerable amount of time isolated from Old Earth its people grew to become autonomous and self-reliant on themselves. A harsh world by nature before terraforming was introduced bred a tough and industrious people. Such traits were not lost with the centuries and the Martians still stand as one of the most resourceful peoples of Humanity standing up to their heritage of colonisers at the forefront of most colonisation and terraforming projects throughout the vast expanses of Known Space.

    The people of Nashira Prime grew to become gentle and hard-working considering their upbringing in their fertile and almost paradisal agricultural world. Even though being located on the frontier of Known Space life has little adversities for the Nashirans who have developed into a conservative people whose ideals of enjoyment of life through hard-work (albeit the Martians might disagree on the meaning of "hard-work") have not been challenged in more than two centuries. This makes Nashirans at the same time easy to go along with and, paradoxically, staunch defenders of equality and extreme xenophobes.

    With the expansion of Humanity to the stars and the colonisation of new worlds the phenomenon of trade and commerce was bound to occur. Considering the length of some voyages, their repetitive nature and the impossibility of most large cargo ships to land on a planet due to their immense size it does not surprise that sometimes entire crews don’t step foot on the surface for the span of their entire lives. The offspring of such crews, usually prevented from leaving ship by contractual clauses created either to ensure psychological stability through family or a renewable source of workforce, is often seen growing and learning the trade of their parents aboard such ships. With the passing of generations and the expansion of human controlled space what would be considered an irregular or temporary situation evolved into its own culture.

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