[Nephele Station] New arrivals (Car & Griffin)


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    [Nephele Station] New arrivals (Car & Griffin)

    Post by Demiurge on Sat May 30, 2015 8:36 pm

    Standard Time: 28th of February, 2615

    It was just another regular day at Nashira's main orbital elevator's docking station. Pods carrying everything from people to alicorn crops were moving up and down the three tethers connecting the station to its base somewhere far below on the planet's surface. It was most likely than not the largest single structure on the planet, if not on the whole system, bridging a vast complex of storage and processing facilities on the ground through three a forty thousand kilometres long hollowed cables with a vast space station capable of housing several thousand people, store both outgoing and incoming merchandise as well as dock and providing maintenance to numerous ships of varied classes and sizes.

    Commercial freighter starships, many of them acting as part passenger liners, accounted for most of regular transit on Nephele Station with mining cargo spaceships from the asteroid belts being the second most common presence while private and military ships of any class were relatively rare.

    Car had bought himself passage out of Mars after the terrible incident that had befallen his family. Life of luxury, splendid as it might have been, was now impossible for him on the Red Planet and with would-be assassins at every corner and lurking within any shadow it was safer for him to leave. Taking flight on his spaceship to Terra he had stored it aboard the freighter Your Mother, a funny name reminiscent of a 20th century teenager joke, and had made sure he was capable of locking himself alone in his cabin for the duration of the trip that would take a few bumpy months, considering the small advent of a meteor shower peppering the hull like it was Swiss cheese and venting half the passengers into space. Luckily Car had been down by the bar acquiring some energy drinks to avoid falling asleep while the whole rocks smashing through metal and people and air being sucked in the vacuum happened. The captain then apologised for the lack of proper berth and he spent the remainder of the journey on his own ship within the cargo hold.

    When Your Mother arrived on Nephele Station it went directly to the repair hangar and fire-control teams as well as technicians were called to assist in the unloading of the cargo before proceeding to access the damage on the hull and begin repairs.

    Griffin had been woke up during his most well deserved break after a double shift by the ringing of his personal intercomm. "All personnel is called to the station, all leaves are rescinded until further notice." Could be read in the pop-up notice attached to the ringing. He had the time to get suited up and move up the tether as the warning had only got to the station when Your Mother had skipped in system and would still take some twelve hours to arrive.

    Your Mother was a gigantic vessel. Some four kilometres long and a kilometre wide it was one of the biggest freighter liners in circulation. Its parent-class was so large in fact that a whole new section had been installed on the space station and one alone occupied the whole repair bay's front, not fitting within such as most regular freighters that could dock with at least a quarter of their length befitting within the station.

    "Griffin, you're tasked with retrieving what passengers are to be found within the cargo hold. Atmosphere there is still stable, but is leaking out steadily through some cracks on the outer hull." Burst the emotionless operator through the intercomm on his vacuum suit as he drove small open platform with several repair equipment towards the gargantuan ship. "You'll find a number of vacuum suits on site near the airlock, control out."

    It seemed Griffin had to save the paranoid Car, locked as he was within his own ship in Your Mother's cargo hold.

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