Character Creation Guide


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    Character Creation Guide

    Post by Demiurge on Thu Apr 02, 2015 3:25 am

    1. Choose your character’s culture
    The first step in the character creation process consists in the picking the culture it belongs to. You can find information regarding the available cultures on this page. Your Character’s Profile includes the most relevant details of your character and it can be used and edited according to your needs.

    2. Create your character’s background
    After choosing the culture your character belongs to it’s preferable to uncover a bit about its past. Is it an orphan whose parents died in a ship crash and was forced to grow up on the streets as a criminal or gang member? Is it a citizen of an agricultural world who has lost his family to a natural disaster? Is it the son of a well-off family who has been accepted into a renowned university? Or is it the single survivor of a battle who has gone rogue? Your character’s past is important in that it defines its interests, its level of education and what it owns and possesses. Belonging to an overly rich family, holding a high profile position and any other form of unfair advantage regarding other players are the only restrictions imposed on the background of your character's creation.

    3. Choose your Skills and Lore
    In "A Tale of Capricorn" we don't aim at using Skills as a solid basis for character action as we rely more on the quality of role-play to measure the success of attempts, still we do have a skill system in order for players and moderator to have a general idea on a character's common use of certain abilities and Skills.

    All Skills max out at Level 25. Each newly created character is granted a total of 10 Levels to distribute between any number of Skills as you may please. Considering the lack of restriction regarding what Skills can exist and be trained by the character, save those of a psychic nature, you can choose from any imaginable Skill that fits within the science fiction setting. Lore is something closely related with Skills. Where Skills detail practical knowledge, such as how good character is at doing this or that, Lore represent pure knowledge such as a cooking recipe or the capability to keep track within a maze in a city slums as well as any language spoken by the character. While you’re limited to 10 Levels at the creation of a character you can have as many or as few Lores as you may like, respecting the rule set above in section 2 of this guide

    4. Choosing your initial items
    In "A Tale of Capricorn" we don’t have a set list of items which to choose from. Instead we let you, the player, choose them at discretion, with just a few restrictions. Your character’s possessions must fit within your character’s background story. The starting bundle shouldn’t be above 500 AERIONs (Allied Earth Revenue Intergalactic On-line Nomination, the main virtual currency of "A Tale of Capricorn") considering that about 400 AERIONs averages a second-hand Personal Exploration Class Starship (PECS) which should size somewhere between the Heliades-class Space Exploration Vehicle and the Firefly-class Transport Ship (USCSS Prometheus and Serenity for non-nerds) of parallel fictional universes.

    Your character initial items should be listed, even if in a vague manner so you can keep track on them. Any item usually visible on a character such as a belt carrying weapons or a specific implant should be included in its physical description. The same rules apply to items as to the Background and Skills as any form of unfair advantage regarding other players are the only restrictions imposed on your character's creation.

    5. Fill in the Character Sheet
    Open the spoiler below and fill in the Character Sheet within with all the relevant information on your character.

    Character Sheet:

    Insert Character Name Here
    Alias: Any aliases your character uses.
    Culture: What culture your character belongs to, if any.

    What your character looks like.

    Social Information
    Current Whereabouts:
    To assist other player characters in finding you.

    What your character is like.

    What family your character has or had.

    Where does your character come from? What are his or her goals in life? What makes him or her strive towards them?

    Insert Skill Name Here
    Level: X/25
    Description: Detail the skill as much as you like here can include what your character has learned, what his or her specialities are and so on.

    Insert Lore Name Here
    Description: What kind of lore it is and how extensive it is.


    What clothing your character possesses and wears.

    From weapons to gadgets and mechanical trinkets.

    List any type of spaceship, speeder, exotic animal mount, etc.

    The real estate your character possesses.

    The amount of AERIONS your character has.

    Things that don't fit into any of the other categories.

    6. Post your Character Profile
    Post your Character Profile in the Character Archive forum in a thread entitled after your character's name.

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