Skills Primer


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    Skills Primer

    Post by Demiurge on Tue May 05, 2015 2:30 pm

    A skill is anything a character can train and learn through continued practice. Even though it is not mandatory players are invited to keep tabs on their character's particular skill within their Chatacter Profile. Documented skills will assist both moderators and players to gain a perspective of your character's capabilities.

    What counts as a skill? If you think it is something that can be improved through continued practice and/or study then it is probably a skill so long as it deals within the material Universe.

    Are there any special skills? Not at the moment, but there will be some popping up in the near future. These might require moderator approval to be learned and improved.

    Level Chart:
    0: Everyone is at this skill level, with some variables, just how much knowledge someone has of the skill at this point is up to the individual skill. From here onwards it takes one skill experience point to gain a level.

    1: This level represents those who have only the most basic understanding of the skill they're using. Someone who has picked up a pistol and knows which end to shoot at the other person, someone who's just started their schooling.

    3: This level represents those who've advanced a little in their understanding of their skill.

    5: This skill level represents the majority of raw army recruits, not-to-good pilots and university students.

    10: This represents someone with a good grasp of the skill, a skilled soldier, a technician, an academic. From this level onwards it takes two skill experience points to gain a level.

    15: This represents a veteran soldier, a reputed engineer or a philosopher.

    20: At this point the skill reaches a level where it starts to become all but supernatural. These are the true masters of their crafts, rarely found and often heard of in legend, gunslingers capable of hitting a pilot mid-flight, geneticist who've found was to mutate humanity beyond what's recognisable and architects who've projected world-engines. From this point onwards it takes three skill experience points to gain a new level.

    25: The Absolute pinnacle of skill advancement, at this point the person holding the skill can redefine and create wonders with whatever skill it is.

    Gaining Experience
    Each finished thread where the skill is used counts towards one's levels. For relatively normal and passing use of a skill, moderators will usually choose to award one point of skill experience. For threads where the skill is the focus or plays a pivotal role in the thread, moderators may choose to award two experience points. In very rare cases the moderator may choose to award three points of skill experience.

    Skill experience is always awarded towards a specific skill. A player may choose whether or not to level up in a skill however.

    Certain things are not considered skills, but are considered Lore. These are similar to skills but rely primarily on knowledge as opposed to training and advancement. An example would be languages (the skill equivalent of which may be language theory or rhetoric), history and so on. Generally speaking, factual knowledge as opposed to trainable skills. Due to the open ended system, there may be some degree of overlap between the two. Lore may be learned in game through single threads, awarded by moderators or assumed to be known at the beginning of the game. Players are encouraged to keep track of what Lore their character knows.

    Credits to The Mad Professor for the skill system.

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